Columbus LVL Tryouts January 5, 2020

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Columbus LVL Tryouts January 5, 2020

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Must pre-register to attend, day of prices subject to increase!

Time: 10am Gates Open, 12pm (Noon) Sharp Tryouts Begin

Cost: $85 for Entry, Air, 2 Cases Paint

Details: Columbus LVL, a DYE & Valken Sponsored Professional NXL Team, as well as Divisional MSXL (D6, D5, D4) and NXL (D4) LVL teams are looking for players to help win a season of 2020 paintball tournaments.  Players who attend the tryout will be evaluated for filling future roster positions on several different competitive paintball teams.  All skill levels are welcome for this tryout.  If you are just starting to play tournament paintball for the first time this year, don't be shy!  We will have a special group for only beginners at the tryout.

Ticket includes entry, admission, all day air, 2 cases of paintballs.  All players will be viewed and evaluated by scouts to fill up several roster spots on LVL UP local paintball teams.  

Print or show e-mail receipt at counter to redeem your ticket!

Tickets are non-refundable!