LVL UP Zombie Hunting Ticket with 200 Paintballs

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LVL UP Zombie Hunting Ticket with 200 Paintballs

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The Ultimate ZOMBIE Hunting paintball experience!  Equipped with special zombie-defeating paintball guns, venture on foot to hunt down actual Zombies while rescuing a serum that could save the world.  Team up with teams of 10-20 as you interact with all areas of LVL UP Sports Paintball Park that have been infected with the undead. 

Ages 10+. 


Action runs from 7pm - 10pm on Friday October 26th & Tuesday October 31st 

-You will NOT be shot with paintballs during the experience. 

-Buy one ticket for $20 or buy a Four Pack for $60 & save $20.  Each ticket comes with eye protection, fully loaded paintball gun, and 200 paintballs.  More ammo available.  Experience ranges from 20-30 minutes.  Expect to wait in line.  Limit 120 tickets per night.  All players must sign the LVL UP DIGITAL WAIVER prior to the experience.